Project Management and Facilitation

How Do We Facilitate?

At The SKB Group, we manage small to large Project Facilitation initiatives in accordance with the strategic plans of the market. We have been working with several GLCs, and local authorities in several of our projects.

We have been appointed by several bodies to act as mediators in large infrastructural projects and are responsible to liaise with prospective investors, real estate developers and project management firms to facilitate the projects of our clients.

Our Services

Project Consultancy Services

We have earned an impeccable reputation as a project consulting and management firm through our strict adherence to local laws & regulations as well as ensuring smooth management & transfer of the deals to obtain best financial returns for the investment firms.

Promotion Of Proposed Projects

Promotion of proposed projects has been one of our rewarding services and we have been successful in creating interest among prospective investors from around the world. With our strong local knowledge & expertise we have been serving the market requirements with our Project Facilitation services.