Creating a win-win situation

Mergers & Acquisitions can be very tricky if not managed properly. Just like a marriage, M&As should be a long-term commitment by both parties involved in the process. If not handled professionally, M&As can lead to massive degradation of the company’s wealth & overall value of both parties.

We at SKB have been managing M&As for several years and have garnered the experience of managing the critical aspects and intricate issues of the M&A process.

Our clients have greatly appreciated our efforts to smoothen the process and to ensure that each party makes a profitable deal after the completion of the process.

With respect to the legal, regulatory as well as cultural parameters, we have the right knowledge & expertise to service our clients, especially when it comes to acquisition of Malaysian owned businesses by foreign companies.

Our services include formalizing the terms of purchase & payments, evaluation of the tangible value of the selling company, strategic negotiations on behalf of both parties to ensure win-win for all stakeholders.

The M&A projects managed by us have resulted in long term strategic growth for the acquiring party as well as long term continuation & value creation of the selling party. Our M&A process is well established and we maintain a timeline, which is both feasible as well as rational.

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