Marketing Consultancy

Leveraging on your intrinsic strengths

At SKB we believe that the financial competencies of any organization can be further enhanced by fundamentally improving its brand equity & strategic marketing activities.

As a complete solution provider for small & medium sized enterprises that lack strong marketing & brand building resources, SKB has been extending support of marketing consultancy to nurture & grow their brands.

Our marketing services includes online as well offline direct marketing services covering both ATL & BTL activities, planning & forecasting consultancy, distributor development & management services and customized marketing activities as required by our clients.

The marketing consultancy services extended by SKB have helped many organizations to develop a strategic plan for their products & services thereby growing their businesses manifold and improving the overall intrinsic value of their organizations.

A strong network of service providers support us in our endeavor to service our clients in developing their brand in Malaysia thereby improving their overall financial & organization strength.

We look upon us as partners to your growth in Malaysia and provide the best solution, which can enhance your organization’s value & protect and grow you financial investments in the country

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