Due Deligence

Independent evaluations for the right decision

SKB Associates Sdn. Bhd offers pre-commitment due diligence reviews which provide independent evaluations of the products, services, operations, financial reporting systems and controls management of companies to which lenders or investors are contemplating providing funding to.

The evaluation provides salient information to be considered before any concrete financial commitments are made. As such, it is a helpful tool in making a more informed credit or investment decision. It also provides information that can be used in the crafting of the lending or investment instruments for the benefit of the lending or investing entities.

Although the structure of each engagement is unique, projects typically focus on answering the following kinds of questions:

  • Market positioning  – including competition, capabilities, market dynamics
  • Execution capabilities – including strategy, management capabilities, cost structure, customer service, quality, product innovation
  • Attainability of business plan & projections
  • Cash flow forecast, quality of earnings and debt service capabilities

SKB rapidly assesses a company to identify key issues and drives, drawing conclusions and advises with bias the lender/investor to proceed with the transaction under consideration.

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