Welcome to the SKB Group

We believe that every company has the potential to grow from Good to Great.

This has been our driving force for the last 21 years. We worked closely with various organizations and consulted them in an effort to achieve their goals.

As we served our clients in various industries, our knowledge has grown and is still growing. Today, we understand various businesses-needs and are in a position to support and advise you with the best solutions.

The SKB Group operates 4 subsidiaries, which are designed to manage the diverse portfolio of our client’s needs.

Our clients have benefited from our diverse range of services, which includes Mergers & Acquisitions, Corporate Financing, Project Facilitation, Due Diligence, Marketing and Company Restructuring.

To help our clients manage their companies better through our knowledge and experience.





Our Leader


Group M.D

SKB Group of Companies

Mr. S. Khugan is the Group Managing Director of The SKB Group of Companies. With over 25 years of experience in the banking and finance industry, he is the perfect person to be at the helm of the SKB Group. He believes in creating a sustainable business environment, because a healthy national economy depends on the overall growth of the nation and not just on a few corporate giants. With that in mind, his life’s aim is to bring up SME’s through the right consultancy and guidance.

Thank you SKB for identifying the possible challenges that we might have faced in our M&A process. Your professional and friendly guidance always makes every process go smoothly. You are my preferred choice for guiding me in my new businesses.

Mr. Peter Foong

Group MD, Sing Foong Group Client since 2004

We always take advice from SKB before all our financial initiatives. They have proved over the years as a truly trustworthy and knowledgeable consultancy firm.

Mr. Haniff Hashim

Chairman, Dynamic Development Sdn Bhd Client Since 2010

When you appoint SKB as your consultants, know that you have taken the first step towards doing what is right for your company. When it comes to the field of Corporate Financially,they are definitely the best that the country has to offer. Our expansion plans would have remained a dream, if SKB had not come in at the right time and obtained the funds for us. When it comes to their advisory services, I know that SKB always has our best interest at heart. With their vast network in the industry and negotiating skills, time and again they have proven that they can deliver financial solutions that are nothing short of a miracle.

Mr.Khalid Gibran

Director, X Promosi Sdn Bhd

SKB has made the impossible to possible. I would have lost a very huge contract if SKB had not arranged and executed corporate financing for our company. When it comes to advisory and financial services, SKB is the only company in the country that I trust. I thank them for their services and am glad that I have them in my corner.

Mr.Genji Hashimoto

Chairman, Amprex International Sdn.Bhd

SKB showed us the way, when we thought that all the doors have closed. Today we are a successful enterprise and we intend to take advice from SKB always as they are like our friends.

Mr. Petyer Hoitz

Managing Director, Traxx Industries (M) Sdn Bhd Client since 2006